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Southern CA Seminary

Weekly classes, broken-up into one month modules, for a total of four modules (16 weeks).

Classes beginning August 11, 2017.

What: Weekly, 90 minute Creation Worldview Classes

When: Fridays from 1:30pm – 3:00pm

Who: Classes Are designed for homeschoolers 12 – 18 years old.

Dates: Module One (Origins) August 11 – September 1

Module Two (Problems for Evolution) September 8-29

Module Three (Catastrophism) October 6-27

Module Four (Impact of the Flood) November 3-24

Where: The Creation & Earth History Museum

10946 Woodside Ave, North, Santee, CA 92071

Cost: Per Module: 1st student - $40, 2nd sibling - $35, 3rd sibling - $30, 4th sibling - $25,

5th sibling and up – FREE

FREE Family Museum Membership when you enroll a family member

in all four modules!


MODULE ONE (Origins)


11 – Age of the Earth

18 – Second Law of Thermodynamics

19 – Origin of the Universe


1 – Origin of Life

MODULE TWO (Problems for Evolution)


8 – Problems for Biological Evolution I

15 – Problems Biological Evolution II

22 – Design of Animals

29 – Human Genome

MODULE THREE (Catastrophism)


6 – Worldwide Flood

13 – Mount Saint Helens

20 – Grand Canyon

27 – Ice Age

MODULE FOUR (Impact of the Flood)


3 – Dinosaurs

10 – Fossils

17 – Tower of Babel

24 – Creation Evangelism

For more information, contact Pat Roy at or (619) 599-1104.

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Payment will not be required until first day of class.

Creation Worldview Classes

More than half of young people will reject their faith. These classes are

designed to equip homeschoolers to defend their faith, and stand strong to

the opposition they will face later in life.


Classes include: Fascinating presentations, humor, interesting videos, stunning graphics, hands-on experiments and activities, and optional homework. Students will be given a certificate of completion for each module they complete.

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Our Teacher is Pat Roy,

creator of the Jonathan Park audio adventures.


    I wanted to send you an email to thank you once again for the Creation Worldview classes that you taught last year. The three Goff girls who attended still talk about those classes and how they were a highlight of our week. I wanted to encourage you that what you taught is making a difference in our lives! We were already "sold out" to the Creationist point of view before the classes began, but what you shared over those weeks gave us more of a foundation in our beliefs and also fired up the passion in our hearts to really stand for what we believe in. I wanted to tell you this to remind you all that the Lord is still using your classes in mighty ways. Thank you for helping to shape so many lives to come to believe in the power and infallibility of the written Word!

    We would like to thank you for taking time to teach this class. We have both enjoyed ourselves and learned so many new and interesting things! We are excited to pass this information on to our friends and family. I (Lainie) really loved learning about the Grand Canyon and all the different layers of earth. I hope to visit it sometime and then look for what we have discussed. I (Corban) really liked learning about the dinosaurs; I think it was my favorite subject. I also liked learning about Charles Darwin’s life. That was very interesting. Thank you so much for being such a fun teacher with all your clever experiments.

    I just have to tell you thank you for putting on this class. Not only do my boys LOVE it, but you are a very gifted teacher. You are extremely organized, witty, interact wonderfully with the students, and knowledgeable. God has certainly given you a gift. Excellent professional class!!!!

    Thank you for the tack you're using with exposing kids to videos like NASA's and especially the atheists on YouTube. Something that's troubled me for years is how inbred people's thinking can get and how easy it then is to fight straw men. Using their own materials is the perfect way to combat this problem, but it can be a slog finding decent things to share. I appreciate the time you put into providing us with safe worldview inoculations.

    Loved spending Friday afternoons learning together these last few months! Wow, look at all that was done. Thank you for being obedient to God's direction and calling in sharing this important ministry. I love that my kids (as well as myself) are more confident in discussing science, creation and how it aligns perfectly with the word of God

Pat Roy

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